NEW On-Demand Webinar for
Certified Personal Trainers

This On-Demand webinar was created to assist newly certified personal trainers in putting it all together. It is a must-do for personal trainers interested in honing their skills when starting to work with clients. 

Part #1 Change Is Not Easy
We begin with an in-depth look at effective ways to coach for behavior change. We will explore behavior change theories and a variety of factors that influence behavior.

Part #2 Make Sure You Know Who You Are Working With
Practice client intake and risk classification, determining risk and establishing protocols based on the classification outcome. Components of new client intake will be examined, including all necessary paperwork as well as fitness assessment for a variety of client  needs.

Part #3 Putting It All Together
We finish by getting down to the fun of program design. You will see many components of well rounded programs, from HITT Training to Self-Myofascial release. This section will give you lots of fresh training ideas for working with your clientele.

Part #4 Getting Your Credits
80% is required on this 30 question quiz. You may take the quiz as many times as you wish. Once successful, information on receiving your CEC certification will be sent to you.

Skill development for the Personal Trainer is a great learning tool for those new to the field, trainers looking to brush up on their skills and everyone wishing to earn ACSM continuing education credits.

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Skill Development for the Personal Trainer



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Part 1 -  Initial Client Intake and Behavior Modification
Part 2 - Risk Classification and Assessment
Part 3 - Program Design
Quiz - 30 questions

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